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Charcoal mask

Charcoal facial mask

Active charcoal mask is the brand new cosmetic face product. Since came out on the market, charcoal mask became favorite item for the buyers. See, the very interesting thing is the company that is the “mother” of this product. Crystal Beauty Secret cosmetic company was form last year, 2016, and this facial mask is their first baby.

Since they lunched charcoal mask, cosmetology reached another level. Hence the mask name, the product is black and also known as Black Mask. You can find it really easy on the Internet. Simply click on the link on this article

or check out their Instagram page. You can find very educative posts there, related with skin care.

Why charcoal?

Not sure if you know the activated carbon benefits on your skin and body. Advantages which this complex compound gives… Long time ago charcoal was used for curing wounds because of its adsorbent power. After that, knowing this, scientists took this magnificent ingredient for granted. They made ton of tests how can be used in cosmetic products.

When comes to skin contact has incredible clear improvements. Removes all the dirt, cleanse the enlarged pores, whitens the skin and removes oily particles. This is good knowing to, especially the fact that all of the mention leads to skin issues.

Having pimples, acne and blackheads is not pleasant thing to live with. But, good news is that can be cured and eliminate. Not all of us could praise with their flawless and shinny face skin. In this matter, don’t worry this is not something genetic that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Everything can be fixed by using the right product for your skin.

Black Mask party 

Enough with activated charcoal history discussion. Let’s talk about my first Black Mask experience.

When i dig out carbons benefits on the Internet, started browsing to find is their any product made by now. Went on Google, explored a little and there it was. Crystal Secret purifying face mask with peeling effect. O my God i just love peeling my skin, it gives you weirdly satisfying feeling. Maybe that is the main reason why i don’t complain on sun burns.

So, i placed my purchase online on their web site, using my credit card. Called my two friends to invite them at my house. I told them i’m going to through a party for the weekend and would be a girls night. We make a deal and arranged alcohol beverages, candles and good music.

The mask came in so fast, as expected in two days in my mailbox. It was Saturday night when my friends came in my house. I live in comfy house in a suburb in New Jersey, simply made for parties. We turn on the music, put our self cocktails Margarita and made Black Mask preparations. Charcoal mask was something perfect to made selfies with because is totally black and looks unusual on you.

Applying the mask takes only 15 minutes with all of the necessary procedure. Peeling the mask was the moment worth remembering for. We was having so much fun that day. My friends was positive and well pleased so they got the mask for themselves the next day.


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