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Blackhead removal masque

Blackhead removal masque 

Easy remove those annoying blackheads using blackhead removal newest US product. Blackhead removal masque, better known as Black Mask on the market. Trending cosmetic item from Crystal Secret company in the United States of America. Here is a picture of it.

Blackhead removal

The Black Mask

I order this for my lovely daughter. She is 15 years old. High school age is when you are facing the biggest common skin problems. Unfortunately, same happened to my little girl too. Not so long ago, i started to noticing her face issues. She has very oily skin, face slope to forming blackheads and pimples.

The problem with blackheads and whiteheads is they become acne after a while. They are small pumps which appear to your skin because of the clogged hair follicles. The name comes from their look. Their surface is dark or black. Whiteheads are the same only white.

I found blackhead removal mask on the Internet. Made an online purchase of two pieces. It was recommended from my friend so i knew what i was buying. I was told that this mask also removes fuzz facial hair and prevent ingrown hair. And that was something i was having trouble with.

Blackhead removal mask delivery

Crystal Beauty Secret cosmetic company provide two days cost free delivery. I think this is something not every brand can achieve. Besides that, i hate waiting. I just wanted to make my daughter happy.

The mask came in my house. The product was finally at my doorsteps. I sat on my porch and unpack the item. The tube package was beautiful and shinny. Colored black with reddish parts. I read the instructions that was written on the back of the product. Went inside my home and called my little girl.

She was at her best friend house doing homework together. When she heard what is the hurry she was surprised and very exited. Came home within 10 minutes.

Selfie night 

That day we were having the day of our lives. My husband was out of the town, on a business trip. But i told to myself he must see both of us having this on our faces. We followed the instructions steps. Cleanse our faces gently. Pat dry with clean towel and put on the blackhead removal Black Mask. Both of us were impatient for the mask results. We took maybe 60 photos of us posing and smiling. I send to her father and he was laughing too.

We looked like aliens with that black sticky mask on. The blackhead removal mask has peeling effect so removing it you are pulling out every dirt. That dirt is clogging your pores, suffocating your skin.

We began peeling the black mask. I was feeling how my peach fuzz coming out leaving my face radiant and soft. My skin was glowing amazingly strange after the procedure. My little girl started screaming: mommy looked at this. Look at the blackheads left on the peal mask.

It was moment worth remembering. Mostly because of my daughter. From that day she is using the blackhead removal mask once per week. I can tell she is happier and got her self esteem back. Trust me when i’m telling you. If you are going throw similar, just click on the link bellow and make and order for yourself. .

You won’t regret it!



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