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Black peel off mask

Black peel off mask

Black peel off mask is the best product to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. This is by far number-one face mask I have ever used. Black peel off mask from Crystal Beauty Secret company. How did I notice this magnificent Black Mask? Now that is one interesting story to tell.

Black peel off mask


My cousin uploaded a photo on her Instagram page enjoying at a beauty salon. The picture was so cute so I wrote her to ask where I can find that place. She told me it is a Turkish steam bath sauna, which happens to be located near our city. Told her I must visit that spa salon and asked her to make a reservation for both of us. The place was overbooked, but she managed to fit us in for the next week. I was so impatient and exited, can’t wait to experience that.

Turkish hamam 

As I find on the Internet, the Turkish Bath is similar to Roman Bath. Based on same methods like the Roman, only the focus is on water rather than steam. When we arrived in the spa center, a boy escort us in a room covered with a heated marble in it. This was the hottest room I have ever been in my life. We lay on the stone slab for a while and enjoyed the steaming. Next step was a gently scrubbing for exfoliation. This was the part I enjoyed the most.

The therapist passed me over with some inflated foam balloon. The feeling was amazing, like someone is tickling you with feathers. After the steaming area we went on a massage. I recolonized the massage room I saw on the Instagram. The treatment lasted about an hour and a facial as a final step. This is the moment when I discovered the black peel off mask.

The mask is black, with a peeling effect and smells like mint. It was left on my face for 20 minutes then removed. As the peeling was done, I felt so relaxed, like all the scum was removed of my skin. Looked myself in the mirror, my face was glowing and my skin was soft like a baby. Asked them nicely if they could tell me where I can find this product. The therapist showed me the brand and told me I can find it on the Internet.

Black magic 

We went on a drink after the treatment, and when I came home I slept like a baby. Next day I sat on my Facebook page and searched for the black peel off mask. Find it easily, and placed my order immediately. Crystal Secret company provide two days express delivery to your home. So, the time passed by so quickly. The black peel off mask was delivered to my house as expected. I called my friend Sarah and asked her to join me on a facial night together.

Sarah and I had so much fun that night. I can tell she was pleased trying the mask. For me, all I can say is that I will continue shopping from this cosmetic brand.


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