Black mask

Black mask

Black mask is one of the top trends on the Internet today. Taking good care of your face and body is most important thing you can do. Using black mask is something you should have in mind. That is why i have decided to write this article. It’s about facials and its beneficial on your skin.

Skin problems is something we all face once in our lives. Some of us have skin issues in their high school days, some college, or maybe all their life. The thing is, we must understand this isn’t something permanent. It can be fixed very easily, but you need to find the right “cure”. Cosmetic product which is going to make your skin beautiful.

Black mask is purifying peel-off facial mask from Crystal Secret US company. I was very lucky when my boyfriend found it for me. Me myself, i’m not that type of person who can waste hours surfing on the Internet. My shopping habits include only going to the mall. It took me some time to find out that the best purchasing can be done online.

Thing you must do!

He showed me the black mask. You can see it by yourself on the link here .

There is some illustrations photos and videos that are showing the results on your skin by using the black mask. I was very suspicious at first, and scared of peeling it i must admit. But, everything in our lives happens with some purpose and reason. The same day i had a visit from my neighbor Diana, she live next to my house.

Started chatting while drinking coffee and she told me about the same product. My friend ordered the black mask a few weeks before. She told me all about it, and made me change my mind. Showed me some photos of her and her husband with the black mask on their faces.

Both of us started laughing so laud that made my day even more wonderful. Laughter is the cure for everything. So, i took my smart phone, visit Crystal Secret web page and made my purchase. While waiting the black mask i was a little anxious and nervous.

But, didn’t last long. It took them only 48 hours to deliver my product. Amazing service, last thing was to see will the black mask works for me. Decided to wait for my boyfriend to come back from work. I just wanted to try the product with him. He came home after two hours and was interested to try it.

Facial and LOL  

No need to bother you with some details about face cleaning. I’m aware you have experience how to clean your face at home. To point is to cleanse your pores good so you can pulled out all the blackheads and whiteheads. After applying the black mask we saw each other and started laughing so loud. He told me i look even more beautiful like this. Every boy dream about a girl with a nature look and beauty. This was something that helps me improve my skin look, likewise my relationship. And i’m glad about it.


19 Jun 2017

Charcoal mask

Charcoal facial mask

Active charcoal mask is the brand new cosmetic face product. Since came out on the market, charcoal mask became favorite item for the buyers. See, the very interesting thing is the company that is the “mother” of this product. Crystal Beauty Secret cosmetic company was form last year, 2016, and this facial mask is their first baby.

Since they lunched charcoal mask, cosmetology reached another level. Hence the mask name, the product is black and also known as Black Mask. You can find it really easy on the Internet. Simply click on the link on this article

or check out their Instagram page. You can find very educative posts there, related with skin care.

Why charcoal?

Not sure if you know the activated carbon benefits on your skin and body. Advantages which this complex compound gives… Long time ago charcoal was used for curing wounds because of its adsorbent power. After that, knowing this, scientists took this magnificent ingredient for granted. They made ton of tests how can be used in cosmetic products.

When comes to skin contact has incredible clear improvements. Removes all the dirt, cleanse the enlarged pores, whitens the skin and removes oily particles. This is good knowing to, especially the fact that all of the mention leads to skin issues.

Having pimples, acne and blackheads is not pleasant thing to live with. But, good news is that can be cured and eliminate. Not all of us could praise with their flawless and shinny face skin. In this matter, don’t worry this is not something genetic that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Everything can be fixed by using the right product for your skin.

Black Mask party 

Enough with activated charcoal history discussion. Let’s talk about my first Black Mask experience.

When i dig out carbons benefits on the Internet, started browsing to find is their any product made by now. Went on Google, explored a little and there it was. Crystal Secret purifying face mask with peeling effect. O my God i just love peeling my skin, it gives you weirdly satisfying feeling. Maybe that is the main reason why i don’t complain on sun burns.

So, i placed my purchase online on their web site, using my credit card. Called my two friends to invite them at my house. I told them i’m going to through a party for the weekend and would be a girls night. We make a deal and arranged alcohol beverages, candles and good music.

The mask came in so fast, as expected in two days in my mailbox. It was Saturday night when my friends came in my house. I live in comfy house in a suburb in New Jersey, simply made for parties. We turn on the music, put our self cocktails Margarita and made Black Mask preparations. Charcoal mask was something perfect to made selfies with because is totally black and looks unusual on you.

Applying the mask takes only 15 minutes with all of the necessary procedure. Peeling the mask was the moment worth remembering for. We was having so much fun that day. My friends was positive and well pleased so they got the mask for themselves the next day.

14 Jun 2017

Blackhead removal masque

Blackhead removal masque 

Easy remove those annoying blackheads using blackhead removal newest US product. Blackhead removal masque, better known as Black Mask on the market. Trending cosmetic item from Crystal Secret company in the United States of America. Here is a picture of it.

Blackhead removal

The Black Mask

I order this for my lovely daughter. She is 15 years old. High school age is when you are facing the biggest common skin problems. Unfortunately, same happened to my little girl too. Not so long ago, i started to noticing her face issues. She has very oily skin, face slope to forming blackheads and pimples.

The problem with blackheads and whiteheads is they become acne after a while. They are small pumps which appear to your skin because of the clogged hair follicles. The name comes from their look. Their surface is dark or black. Whiteheads are the same only white.

I found blackhead removal mask on the Internet. Made an online purchase of two pieces. It was recommended from my friend so i knew what i was buying. I was told that this mask also removes fuzz facial hair and prevent ingrown hair. And that was something i was having trouble with.

Blackhead removal mask delivery

Crystal Beauty Secret cosmetic company provide two days cost free delivery. I think this is something not every brand can achieve. Besides that, i hate waiting. I just wanted to make my daughter happy.

The mask came in my house. The product was finally at my doorsteps. I sat on my porch and unpack the item. The tube package was beautiful and shinny. Colored black with reddish parts. I read the instructions that was written on the back of the product. Went inside my home and called my little girl.

She was at her best friend house doing homework together. When she heard what is the hurry she was surprised and very exited. Came home within 10 minutes.

Selfie night 

That day we were having the day of our lives. My husband was out of the town, on a business trip. But i told to myself he must see both of us having this on our faces. We followed the instructions steps. Cleanse our faces gently. Pat dry with clean towel and put on the blackhead removal Black Mask. Both of us were impatient for the mask results. We took maybe 60 photos of us posing and smiling. I send to her father and he was laughing too.

We looked like aliens with that black sticky mask on. The blackhead removal mask has peeling effect so removing it you are pulling out every dirt. That dirt is clogging your pores, suffocating your skin.

We began peeling the black mask. I was feeling how my peach fuzz coming out leaving my face radiant and soft. My skin was glowing amazingly strange after the procedure. My little girl started screaming: mommy looked at this. Look at the blackheads left on the peal mask.

It was moment worth remembering. Mostly because of my daughter. From that day she is using the blackhead removal mask once per week. I can tell she is happier and got her self esteem back. Trust me when i’m telling you. If you are going throw similar, just click on the link bellow and make and order for yourself. .

You won’t regret it!


09 Jun 2017

Black mask peel

Black Mask Peel

This article is about Black Mask Peel. We all know the importance of first impression and good looking appearance, so i can say that taking care of your look must be daily routine. Black mask peel can accomplished that.

black mask peel

It is not everything in hairstyles, makeup or colorful lipstick on your lips. Neither cloths nor shoes. Our first appearance when we meet someone is in the fresh look on our skin. And the amazing facial beauty which flushes when that person see us for the very first time.

I’m a girl, and from my point of view, if you want to keep the youthful look you have to work on your outside beauty, choosing the right beauty cosmetics. Depending on your skin type. Also, lets not forget the importance of drinking a lots of water daily and eating healthy food. For a glowing skin, peeling your dead skin per week goes hand by hand with face care treatments.

The Awakening 

I have been trying different products, wasting time and spending a lots of money without any visible effects on my face. It was completely exhausting, indeed. Since i found this magnificent Black mask peel face product from Crystal Secret US company i decide to share it on the Internet.

Knowing everybody would love to have it. I will highly recommend you, if you like you can linked it here .

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch, and I don’t know if I told you before but I have a husband. We had get along really well before, but something just went up last few days and I really don’t have an idea what that could be. I was applying the mask on the bed and he came in the bedroom and saw me with that black mask peel on my face.

First he got very scared but the started laughing so hard that even I started laughing with him. After I peel off the mask a very strange moment appear between the two of us that I have never encountered before. He was just sitting in the living room and watching a TV without even talking to me, it seemed like something is really wrong here.

The strange situation

Then I get back to the living room and felt really sad at that time. I have a friend who I am always talking about the problems. I called her and explained the situation about that night. The very first moment I told her that after using this mask something happened between the two of us. It is nothing same as before. Even started crying a little bit, but that we would not even mention at this time.

So I was looking at the only solution. It was that I should go out there in that living room and talk to my husband about this problem. Which became even bigger as few hours passed from applying the mask. With full bag of courage I sat on the sofa next to him and started talking.

Happy End 

He had an angry and a sad face at the same time but I immediately asked him if this inconvenience is about the Black mask peel and he throw me a strange look.

But only after few seconds, he started laughing very hard and I was confused. But very soon after that realized that he had a very good joke on me. The same moment, he told me that he was only playing with me. That I looked even more beautiful with that mask on me. Puff, strange but what can you do, you know how men are.

09 May 2017

Blackhead removal mask – Black mask peel

The blackhead removal mask which made me different!

I would like everyone to welcome on this article which I am writing about the most magnificent product called Black mask peel and also known as blackhead removal mask . It is the latest product from Crystal Secret company. Few days ago I was searching for Black Mask and I was very happy to find this Black mask peel which I ordered immediately.

After few days the blackhead removal mask arrived at my home. I was very happy to have this amazing product in my hands and the same second went to the bathroom and prepared my face for a very special treatment.
The first thing I did was washing my face with cold water and then I used a tea to open my pores on the face.

After few minutes when I was ready enough to try it I applied the Crystal Secret Black Mask on my face and it felt so good. The instruction said that the blackhead removal mask should stay for at least 30 minutes to fully dry out. So the only thing I could do at this point was to wait for the action to start rolling.

blackhead removal maskThose 30 mins passed so quicly so I ruched to peel off the black mask peel product from my face. Since I read all those comments who said that it would hurt I was a little scared if I am honest. But very soon after the first piece I realized that this is the thing that I want in my life.

It came off in one peace and when I saw the mask, there was a lot of blackheads who was removed from my face even after the first use. So I called all of my friends and we had a great wine girls night and had a lot of fun with this product. Soon after I shared on all my social media profiles to let the people know how satisfied I was from this Crystal Secret product but the did not believed me at first. As the time passed away a lot of people were trying this mask and they found out, just as I did, that this is not just an ordinary product.

All those silly places where I used to buy the previous black mask which was definitely not as good as this one was out of the game. Since now, I have been using this blackhead removal mask every week even sometimes it happens to use it twice and every time I do, the freshness can be felt on my face. Now my face look beautiful and more natural than was before and I am so happy that I found out this product which is way more better than the other ones who are cheaper and more dangerous to put it on your face. Everyone who wants can visit their site here:  and get their own peace of the beauty.

So I can finish my article here with a vouch for this company and tell all the girls who are curious for this product that this is the thing which they are looking for. I would doubt a minute to buy this stuff again because I know it is perfect.

12 Apr 2017

Moviestarplanet hack

MovieStarPlanet Hack

Learn more about MovieStarPlanet Hack

I would like to say hello to everyone in this site who is reading my article about the moviestarplanet hack. Getting the fact that I am male and writing about a female game hack is sort of bit strange but I have to admit that I fount the number one moviestarplanet on the whole internet and right now I would like to share it with you. For starting, this msp hack is very good and straight forward to use by anyone. Great news are that this is free and legit hack who helped a thousand of people though the internet by giving them a great amount of resources for their account here

moviestarplanet hack

Last week I had an argue about this game with my wife because I spend a lot of hours playing moviestarplanet game. She said that I did not take up on my responsibilities as a man and that I am very often playing this game. But she just do not know how this game is special. It is not about the coins, diamonds or the Vip days, it is about the magic who is inside of the game and spreading around us while we play. We have a great characters in the game and they are very popular and famous right now. Also I have to say that we reached level 80 and now we are the oldest players around in the game.

So I will get back to this topic and recommend this hack once again because it is good and easy to use it. So if you want to stop wasting money about some low quality tools and wait more than 10 weeks for them to work. You should definitely use our new moviestarplanet hack and see the differences for yourself.

21 Jul 2016

live football streaming

Live Football Streaming

Watch Live football streaming on your devices now !

Hello to all, today i am going to talking about live football streaming where ever you like. The first thing I need to say, is that I spend more than a hundreds of days searching the internet sites to find a single available and working live football streaming site which could allow me to watch football games. As the days passed I found nothing. And I was so lost that I had to pay to watch all the best games that I really wanted. But my destiny just changed in the moment when I found the best possible website about live football stream. It is just free with out any tricks or something else that you could be surprised of. Since I enter I saw there is two sections, the one was for football streaming and the other one was for NFL streaming.

live football streaming

I am not a real fan of NFL and I do not really track their games so I enter the football streaming area and suddenly found out all the games that I wanted to watch since ever. Now I quit paying for every single match that I was spending a real big money vie my credit card. Since then I am really saved and feel really great about this site. Now sometimes we get together with my friends and we watch all this football games together for all day. Our wife’s are going nuts but we do not care because we love live football streaming more than everything. Now the only obligation that we find to do though the day is watching the greatest football matches. So if you guys were wondering about watching football, you can enter on the link that I left you here and watch all this crazy games now for free. Thank you all about you time.

20 Jul 2016
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